Increase your Winnings with CoinPoker Rakeback

Increase your Winnings with CoinPoker Rakeback

When you play a hand, a small percentage of the pot is taken (raked) by CoinPoker. These are called Community Contributions. Getting a portion of this money back is called rakeback.

CoinPoker is giving players 33% rakeback every Monday!

Whether you’re playing tournaments or cash games, we’re giving back 33% of the rake! You will receive this as CHP in your account automatically.

It’s never been more rewarding to play at CoinPoker.

All you need is CHP

To benefit from rakeback, you need CHP. Only Community Contributions paid in CHP get calculated towards the rakeback. If you don’t have any CHP, find out how to get some here.

Here’s how Rakeback Works:

Get your CHP today and take advantage of our 33% rakeback. It’s that simple

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