Chúng tôi rất tiếc – hệ điều hành của bạn không hỗ trợ

Chúng tôi rất tiếc hiện tại phần mềm chưa hỗ trợ hệ điều hành của bạn. Hãy thử download từ một thiết bị Windows hoặc macOS. Cảm ơn.

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How to Play Poker with Bitcoin and Ethereum

On CoinPoker you can deposit your BTC, ETH, or CHP tokens to play a range of popular poker games. The app is available on both desktop for Mac and PC, and for mobile users with an Android or iOS powered device.

Downloading the app is quite simple, and all it takes a few seconds to go from this page to one of our tournaments or cash games. Below you’ll find the steps you need to complete depending on the device you want to play on.

How to Download CoinPoker’s Cryptocurrency Poker App for Desktop

  1. Head over to our download page (you’re already here, just scroll up) and select the operating system your device is using.
  2. Once you do the app will start downloading
  3. When the download is complete go ahead and install
  4. Open the app, set up your username and check out the lobby
  5. For more details on how to get set up check out this guide

How to Download CoinPoker’s Cryptocurrency Poker App for Mobile

You can get all the CoinPoker features you love in our fully functional, compact app for iOS or Android. Below you’ll find the instructions you need to play poker on the go with the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

Play Crypto Poker on Your iPhone with CoinPoker for iOS

  1. Go to from your preferred iPhone browser
  2. Select the “Download iOS App” option
  3. Once the app is downloaded you will need to follow some additional instructions to allow the app to run. Click here for all the details.

Enjoy CoinPoker’s Crypto Poker App for Android

  1. Go to from your preferred Android browser
  2. Select the “Download Android App” option
  3. Go ahead and install the app, log in, and hit the tables!