Massive bounties up for grabs from Team Coin Poker!

Massive bounties up for grabs from Team Coin Poker!

Massive bounties up for grabs from Team Coin Poker!

What is better than playing at the finest crypto poker site? How about busting out the Coin Poker Bounty Player from a tournament and winning a free entry.

The ‘CP-Bounty’ nickname should be in your sights. They can and will pop up anywhere! You may also see the ‘CP-Bounty’ player beefing up some of our excellent satellites.

If you see ‘CP-Bounty’ registered in any cash tournament, you should hope to join the table and bust them! Eliminate ‘CP-Bounty’ from a tournament, and win an MTT ticket for the same value as the ‘bust-out’ tournament. For example, ‘CP-Bounty’ is knocked out of the ₮150 Big Bang by you, you win the bounty of a ₮150 ticket, or you eliminate the ‘CP-Bounty’ player from a ₮5 tournament, you receive the bounty as a ₮5 ticket.

CP - Bounty Tournament Specials

We are giving even more value to our loyal customers! Any tournament with CP-Bounty in the tournament name will not only pay the regular MTT ticket bounty for eliminating 'CP-Bounty' , for low buy-ins (₮1-₮30) players will receive a bonus MTT ticket of equal value to the buy-in and higher buyins (over ₮50) will payout a cash reward of 50% of the buy-in.


  • Eliminate CP-Bounty from the Sunday Special - Reward 1 x ₮200 MTT Ticket.
  • Eliminate CP-Bounty from the Big Bang - Reward 1 x ₮150 MTT Ticket.
  • Eliminate CP-Bounty from the ₮10 CP-Bounty PKO, ₮350 - Reward 2 x ₮10 MTT Tickets.
  • Eliminate CP-Bounty from the ₮150 CP-Bounty Turbo, ₮3750 - Reward 1 x ₮150 MTT Ticket plus ₮75 cash.

Don’t miss out on more value in our brilliant MTTs. Details of the bounty payouts will be provided in the tournament lobby.

  • Bounties are only awarded for cash tournaments with 20 or more players;
  • Satellites and freerolls do not count for bounties;
  • A bounty can only be earned if the ‘CP-Bounty’ account is allocated a finishing place, if you bust ‘CP-Bounty’ and rebuys are made this is not considered an elimination, and will not earn a bounty.
  • In cases of a split pot where the ‘CP-Bounty’ busts, any player who starts the hand with more chips than the CP-Bounty account will receive the bounty ticket (i.e. multiple tickets can be awarded). Additional ₮ rewards will be split equally between the players who start the hand with more chips than the CP-Bounty account (i.e. any monetary prize is a fixed amount and split between the winning players).
  • Bounties are only eligible for busting ‘CP-Bounty’ nickname.
  • The ‘CP-Bounty’ account is used by senior staff members.
  • Bounty tickets will be credited to the winner's account within 24 hours.
  • If the bounty is part of a CSOP Promotion,  bounty winners will be directly registered to the CSOP events once the tournaments are deployed.
  • Entry is only valid for the specific CSOP tournament and has zero redemption value.
  • If a bounty winner is already registered to the CSOP Main event, this bounty can be exchanged for a ₮500 MTT ticket.
  • The bounty reward cannot be divided into smaller tickets.
  • Tournament entries are valid for 14 days after notification of award.
  • Bounty Winners may have their username and the bounty prize award used for promotional purposes across any network and medium as we see fit;
  • Bounty Winners who do not wish their username to be employed in promotional activities, should contact us each time they win a bounty.
  • CoinPoker reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion, including cancellation, modification or suspending the operation of the promotion if CoinPoker believes that the promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified.
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